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Their gun


Escalating things
A subpoena to depose
Their gun has been shown

Tax exemption denial & ensuing lawsuit


Town taxed church sign
For those interested, there are two threads on the Grafton Forum about the latest tax exemption claim denial by the Grafton Selectmen. There is also video of the 40-minute meeting where Board members Tom and Jeremy discuss the exemption with the Selectmen and some woefully ignorant Grafton residents. On July 20, the Church Board voted to go forward with a lawsuit against the Town for the denial.

Another Tragic School Shooting: 117 Million American Mental Disconnects and The Conversation That Will Never Happen


Another Tragic School Shooting: 117 Million American Mental Disconnects and The Conversation That Will Never Happen
by J Buzz Webb on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 1:07pm ·

So now the vicious cycle begins: the blame game, the finger pointing, the online petitions. No one wants to listen because they've got it all figured out. Critical thinking and open-mindedness have already lost to rigidity. The lines are drawn, the trenches are dug deep and round we go again. Let's look a little deeper...

Looking toward the future


Changes in organizational structure are under consideration as we move toward the second anniversary of opening our Peaceful Assembly Church doors here in Grafton Center.
MANY MANY ideas will be sorted through in the next three months.

We look forward to hearing from folks who care about, and have ideas regarding, the sustainability of the Peaceful Assembly Church mission, “To foster Peace as prescribed by God.”

Rushed outreach flier


Rushed a flier together for outreach and have handed them out at a few events. It will be tweaked over time – starting soon. It looks much better all laid out nicely, but for now here is the text:

Peaceful Assembly Church
(Organized in Grafton, NH and Serving in the Upper Valley and beyond since 2010.)
We don't claim to have all the answers.
We are not trying to “convert” anyone.
We are open to all Peaceful people.
We want to learn from each other.

Hello friend,

Charity Event Day


Peaceful Assembly Church is having a charity-event-day tomorrow. This is our facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=254525737922383 ...and the info:

Here in Grafton, a very nice guy who is a friendly and welcoming neighbor lost his entire auto mechanic/body shop garage to a fire on Monday afternoon. Thankfully no one was hurt! From all I can tell, Jeremy Digby is an honest and competent auto mechanic and bodywork guy. The entire building is gone. This is his livelihood.

Awesome Day


AWESOME day at Peaceful Assembly Church: Successful 4th Annual Grafton Apple Festival was preceded by regular Sunday service which developed into spirited discussion about which to defend if given only two options - Life or Morality... Discussion stopped only to prep for Apple Fest 4. Visitors came from all around Grafton, the Upper Valley, Northern NE, Southern NE, NY, and one woman from Florida who's dad grew up here and who's aunt is thinking about moving back. FUN was had by ALL!

4th Annual Grafton Apple Festival


4th Annual Grafton Apple Festival
Sunday, Sept. 25, Noon(ish) – 6:00(ish)

Antique Apple Press
Bring apples from local trees
Try tasty local apple juice - just seconds old
(Bring a container to take some home)

Apple Dish Contest
$4 to be taster/judge

Other fun stuff also - :-)

Peaceful Assembly Church
860 Main St.
Rt 4, Grafton, NH

Buddhist's Pilgrimage to Peaceful Assembly


It was announced on Sunday that a peaceful Buddhist was about to begin a pilgrimage, walking from Keene, NH to Peaceful Assembly Church. A short private message from “K'neth” included a link to his blog.

We wish K'neth pleasant, Peaceful, and safe traveling and look forward to his arrival and, at some point, we will likely have a meet and greet for K'neth at the church.

Valley News publishes full article on line.


I had been told by VN staff that they do not generally publish full articles on line. This one is published in full, with the picture. The hard copy paper has the picture taking up about half (6.5 x 9 in.) of the space above the fold... :)

‘Not the Government's Church'
Grafton Pastor Refuses to File With State for Tax-Exempt Status
By Katie Beth Ryan
Valley News Staff Writer

Grafton -- Some might be inclined to call him Pastor John, but John Connell, founder of Peaceful Assembly Church, views himself more as a brother or a friend.