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Separation of Church and State?


Valley News was here today... in paper tomorrow... town of Grafton, NH (603) 523-7700
wants to tax nascent Peaceful Assembly Church (603) 523-7111.
Please support separation of church and state.
That is what this is actually about.

June Begins - Another Busy Week


Taking the bad news first and then moving to the good:
Another tax bill arrived.
Someone delivered the mail to Peaceful Assembly Church after it had been sent to an address where I had previously lived. It seems strange that the Town of Grafton's Tax Collector sends it elsewhere, when “everyone” knows I live here - not there.

Our fence painting project continues a bit at a time, and one “abutting” neighbor donated some paint.

Peaceful Assembly Church held a Welcome Home reception for Bob Constantine after he was released from one the government's dirty rotten cages.

Spring is in the air!


Been busy in prayer and meditation (and study) over how to best handle the government's continued harassment regarding their wanting to tax our church.

Our Sunday Bible/Faith/Spiritual Study continues uninterrupted. We did one field trip. Normally we are here at 8:00am.

Peaceful Assembly Church hosted “Liberty On Tour” while they were in Grafton. It was a pleasure to have them here, and they created this nice video:

Our “Cool Morning Yoga, (W, F, & Sat.) is off to a slow start. But we have finally started.

3rd Friday Family Fun Feild Trip




3rd Friday Family Fun Field Trip to Woodstock, Vt. for Family Contra Dance.

Woodstock, VT: Third Friday Community Contra Dance ( Contra Family Dance)
Sponsored by: Woodstock Third Friday Community Contra Dance

Friday Family Fun is back


That was a long winter, and a very long fade from winter to spring.
We kept our Bible/Faith/Spiritual Studies going all winter. We had some other events...

Sorry for not having kept up here.
Thank you for your patience, and your Forgiveness.
We will try to do better.

Friday Family Fun Day is back: late afternoon/early evening.

Grafton Apple Festival


This year's Grafton Apple Festival will be held on September 26th, starting at noon at the Peaceful Assembly Church, 860 Main Street, Grafton. There will be an antique apple press for making apple cider. Bring apples and containers for holding the apple cider. There will also be a contest for the best apple dessert. Entering a dessert is free, tasters pay $2 to taste the desserts, with half the money going to the contest winner, and half going to the church. At 5:00, there will be a spaghetti dinner to benefit the Liberty Scholarship Fund Cost for the dinner is $10.

Lecture/Discussion Series on Nonviolence


Russell Kanning will be giving a series of lectures on biblical roots of nonviolent resistance and using peaceful means to achieve a peaceful society. This will be every Wednesday night, 7:30 pm at the Peaceful Assembly Church, starting on September 15th. We'll be discussing Jesus, Thoreau, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr.

The first topic will be based on the book Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution by André... Trocmé. The book can be downloaded for free here:
or can be purchased from the same site.

Peaceful Assembly Church in NH Free Press


By Kat Kanning
New Hampshire Free Press

Concord Monitor Reports on the Peaceful Assembly Church


Open assembly
Free Stater starts new church, welcomes all people
By Ben Leubsdorf / Monitor staff
August 9, 2010

On a chilly summer morning, a handful of men and women gathered in Grafton's 212-year-old landmark church building to discuss the story of Jesus and the moneychangers over breakfast.

The five Grafton residents who met yesterday form the core congregation of the nascent Peaceful Assembly Church, little more than a month old. All, including owner John Connell, have connections to the Free State Project, the movement seeking to persuade 20,000 liberty activists to relocate to New Hampshire.

"To me, being a Christian is following the example of Jesus as best I can, and that means answering to God and not to government and custom and fashion," said Rich Angell, 45.

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