The Gospel and Idolatry


PLEASE LISTEN to all of the video below! This takes just 1 hour.

How many times, and for how many years, have I asked people about this issue?
Can we even see the - very many - of our own idols, which we completely cover ourselves in?
What images do we put on our cars, our trucks, our houses, and our very cloths - and even into our skin? Why? Why do we wear these banners? These (potential) idols.
What idols do we hold in our hearts, our heads, and our very souls? What idols are we - individually and culturally - looking toward? Why?

Do we even dare - yes, are we brave enough to - be honest with ourselves about this?

As Christians, I suggest that we should - and must - take stock of ourselves.

I suggest that we - all of us - - individually - - should - and must - dare to take inventory of our own personal idols.

"Idolatry is Spiritual Adultery."

Tim Keller - The Gospel and Idolatry - Acts 19:23-41